Enjoy the holidays!

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Enjoy the holidays!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, this is traditionally a time for reuniting with family and friends and sharing food and drink.

If you have been working on developing healthy eating habits and a regular movement practise, these can be disrupted by multiple roast dinners, buffet finger food, free-flowing alcohol and a busy schedule of visits.

And why not?

It's the end of a busy year that has been for most of us full of ups and downs and you deserve to have some fun. Guilt-free. Get stuck into the roast potatoes and have a second helping of ice-cream!

Even though you're going to be devouring a mince pie or two without a care, I'd like to offer a few suggestions to incorporate over the festive season, which will help to keep your healthy habits ticking over and allow for a smoother transition back to your normal routine as 2019 kicks in.

- Make sure you have plenty of fruit and veggies on hand and visible so you eat them - your body still gets the nutrients it needs and can function well to process the less nutritious stuff
- Go for a walk instead of vegging-out in front of a movie - or perhaps a walk and THEN reward yourself by sitting down to a movie :)
- Drink a glass of water with every alcoholic drink
- Practise mindful eating - take a bite and really savour it, taking in all the flavours. This will slow you down so you start to feel full sooner. Pay attention to this too and stop eating when you feel full.
- Avoid chemical-laden fizzy mixers - choose fresh juice, soda water or straight up!
- Squeeze a short (10 minute) workout / movement practise in at the start of the day before someone puts a mimosa in your hand - there's plenty of videos on youtube and I have done a series of short sequences just for you - click here to sign up to my mailing list and gain access

Consider what you have planned over the next couple of weeks and what your default holiday habits are. Then pick one or two that are realistically achievable for you. I'd love to know what they are! Even something that's not on my list - comment below!

Happy holidays!